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Your Kid’s Favourite Character Towels

August 2020 | Amit Jivani

Many Kid’s love bath time or swimming, but from our experience getting dry after far less. That’s why we stock a variety of fun & adorable towels, branded with your child’s favourite characters from TV & beyond!


George Pig Towelling Poncho

Peppa Pig TowelThis adorable poncho is adorned with every little one’s favourite – George Pig who’s sailing with his dinosaur. This nautical-themed poncho has vibrant blue and green stripes all around, which will match perfectly with the summer sea! The poncho design makes this comfortable, and the hood drys your child’s hair without covering their eyes. For only £10.99, this is well worth the price, and will make your child fall in love with getting OUT the bath as well as in!

For only £1 more, you could get the George Pig Underwater Beach Towel. This kid’s beach towel has an amazing print of George with his underwater friends on a scuba adventure. This s perfect for trips to the beach, or even just the paddling pool, and will make your child feel like they’ve just come away from an excursion into the depths of the ocean as you deflate the pool.


Spiderman Towelling Poncho

For any secret superheroes and young comic fans – this kid’s poncho is a must-have! With solid Blue and Red colouring that matches Spidey’s spandex perfectly, making this perfect for after-bath playtime! A high-quality comic print of spiderman lies on the front of the towel, with a classic comic onomatopoeia “THWAM!” this towel is perfect for a kid who wants to be a web swinger, but certainly isn’t a landlubber!

If your kid isn’t a fan of Spidey, there’s a high chance they’ll adore one of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes!

Avengers towelThis Avengers Towelling Poncho is adorned with Four pop culture icons (Thor, Captain America, Iron Man. The Hulk) that no doubt have a special place in your kid's heart. The print is high quality and goes across the towel, besides the dark blue hood on top. For only £9.99, this is an absolute steal for any parent of a water-loving Avenger-in-training!


Paw Patrol Skye Towelling Poncho

Paw Patrol towelFor any girl who likes to doggy-paddle, this Paw Paw Patrol themed poncho is PAWesome! The poncho features two of kid’s favourite paw patrol heroes, including Skye the aviator cockapoo and Snow rescue Siberian Husky Skye. They feature on the front and back, for a very unique design! With your child’s two favourite rescuing heroes and a comfortable design, your child will feel dry and comfortable after undertaking an aquatic rescue!

These are just a few of our extensive range of Kid’s towels available online at the “”. For our full range of kid’s branded towels, onesies, swimwear and much much more check out our range of excellent kids clothing today!

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