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Why Letting your Child Choose their Clothes Matters

November 2020 | Amit Jivani

As a parent, it can be difficult to let any member of the flock take their first steps out of the nest. Paternal nature is engrained into every step we take, and learning to take a step back and loosen the reins can be nigh impossible. One minor step to giving your child more freedom that can have a massive impact is letting them pick out their clothes. Read why below.

Benefits of children dressing themselves

As your little ones grow older, their curiosity grows alongside them. Their interests begin to take shape, and their opinions and curiosity often manifest into pushback at parental choices. Picking your child's clothes for them is by no means a faux pas – everyone has their own parenting style – but slightly older kids are likely to begin to question or even argue against your choices. So, why not let them choose themselves?

Allowing a child to choose their outfit can be a massive benefit to their maturity. It gives children an opportunity to express themselves, helps them understand who they really are, and what works best for them. Your little boy might dress just like his dad, or maybe he’ll surprise you with a completely new look. Princesses may swap skirts for trackies so they can get down in the mud with their brothers, or maybe they’ll become miniature fashionistas. A child’s mind is full to the brim with exciting ideas born from their fresh outlook on the world, and allowing these ideas to take shape encourages not only creativity, but identity and responsibility too.

The responsibility of clothing choices helps your child learn how to take care of themselves. The first few outfits may be combos of crazy colours and reused t-shirts - but explaining why that’s not an acceptable outfit will help a child understand restraint and moderation and show that you’re there to help them – not hinder them.

Letting your child choose their clothes is a minor responsibility, but will mean the world to your child and their development. Clothing choice is a great first step towards maturity, and leaves you with one outfit less to sort on a morning!

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