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Top Thomas T-Shirts to get through Lockdown

April 2020 | Amit Jivani

Lockdown has got us all under a little bit of stress and anxiety at the moment and it has at times being a little hard to know how to keep yourself and the kids happy. All you have to remember is, it’s the small things that make a difference, whether it’s playing in the garden, watching their favourite shows like Thomas and Freinds or doing some arts and crafts they are all brilliant ways to keep them busy.

If your little ones are big fans of Thomas and Freinds it might be a good idea to think about looking at some of the brilliant T-shirts you can get, when you’re growing up there is just something about having your favourite characters on your clothing that is special and exciting. Not only this, as a parent we are always on the lookout for ways to boost your children’s spirits, and the Lockdown is definitely a time that we need to do this.

Let’s have a look at some of the top Thomas and Freinds Tshirts to get you through Lockdown below:


Thomas & Friends Off The Rails Checkered Polo Shirt 

A polo shirt is a great way to combine smart and casual into one, having a collar also give a little extra protection to their neck when the sun is shining. It’s officially licensed Thomas & Freind’s product, 100% cotton so soft on sensitive skin and is in the traditional colour of Thomas himself. Just like the checks on the flags in the tv programme this polo shirt is sure to get them jumping with joy.


Thomas & Friends Here Comes Trouble T-Shirt

Rather than here comes Thomas. How about here comes trouble? If your little one is getting into a little more mischief now that you’re in lockdown this number might be the one for you. If not a gentle hint that you know they’ve been a little bit naughtier than normal it could just be a nice treat and play on words. Again another officially licensed Thomas & Freinds item that’s 100% cotton.


Thomas & Friends Cheeky T-Shirt 

Another play on words here, if your little one is becoming ultra cheeky through lockdown, then this bright blue and fun t-shirt could be the choice for you. We all like a cheeky child and a cheeky t-shirt is the perfect fit for them. With the added wink from Thomas, you and your children can have a little bit of fun copying and filling your home with cheekiness.


Thomas & Friends Girls T-Shirt

Who said that Thomas & Freinds was for just the boys. Thomas & Freinds is popular with everyone, but if your little ones at home prefer pink to blue this t-shirt is a perfect choice. With a traditionally coloured Thomas featured with some added touches like a bow and a flower for the ‘O’ in Thomas this is a slightly girly touch on the traditional Thomas Tee’s that you usually see.

These four Thomas & Freinds T-shirts are some great choices for your little ones who are most likely running around causing a little mayhem throughout the lockdown. Which one is your favourite? Please share in the comments below.

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