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Thomas and Friends this Summer

July 2018 | Neal Foster

If you’ve got a little boy obsessed with Thomas the Tank Engine then you’ll be relieved to know that we’ve got plenty of clothes that can make him the number 1 fan! From Swimwear through to onesies, here are the top 3 items for this summer that your little man is going to love!

Thomas & Friends Sunsafe Swimsuit

If you’re going away somewhere hot this year or even making the most of this glorious weather we’ve been having here in the UK, the Sunsafe Swimsuit is the perfect paddling product! With sizes for 1- 6 year olds, your little one will have a great time splashing around! It will protect them in the sun too (UPF40+)!

Thomas & Friends Sunsafe Swimsuit

Thomas & Friends Shirt

Whether your little man is attending a friends birthday party, a family celebration or you’re just going to a nice restaurant, he’ll love our Thomas and Friends Shirt! You just know how cute he’s going to look with a smile on his face in our Thomas and Friends Shirt!

Thomas & Friends Boys Pyjamas

Bedtime has never looked so cool! Our Thomas and Friends pyjama set will make your little man excited for bed to get into his favourite PJ’s! Thank us later!

Thomas & Friends Boys Pyjamas


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