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The Christmas Outlet: Fun Indoor Xmas Activities!

December 2020 | Neal Foster

This Christmas is like no other. So, as the classic song goes: since there’s no place to go, let it snow – and enjoy your time at home with some quality family Christmas fun! The festive season is the perfect time for getting together and making the most of December. In this article, we'll show you some of our favourite ideas for Christmas fun and how our excellent kid’s Christmas clothing here at The Clothing Outlet can make it that much better!

Christmas Eve Activities For Kids

Christmas preparations are the best! That build-up of anticipation as the tree goes up and the number of advent chocolates left goes down, it’s a truly magical experience for kids big and small.  There are many activities that are perfect for the whole family during the build-up to Christmas:

Homemade Christmas Card Art

Whilst many of us might not be able to see all of our family this Christmas, you can still ensure they feel the love this Christmas with a handmade and heartfelt card! Handprints in paint make for excellent antlers, cotton balls can build up into snowmen or a big bushy beard for Santa. Let your kids get creative with whatever you have around the house; you’ll no doubt end up with some truly unique and often hilarious cards family will love!

Homemade Christmas Treats

Nothing tastes better than a festive treat. From marzipan to gingerbread, a sweet tooth gets a present with each bite around Christmas time! Cooking is an excellent way to bring the whole family together, with delicious results, here are just a few of our favourite treat ideas we’ve seen so far!

Santa Pancakes:

Mini Christmas Pudding Pops

Christmas Cookies


Top Family Christmas Activities for Kids

Christmas day is time for festive fun and unforgettable memories! Once the presents are open and smiles are beaming from ear to ear, it’s time to bring the family to the living room and enjoy each others’ company. Here are some of our favourite Christmas activity ideas for the family you might enjoy this Christmas:

Christmas Day Family Games

Playing games with the family is a classic Christmas tradition that brings the gift of laughter to your home. We’ve put together a quick list featuring unique twists on classic Christmas games that you’ll love. For the perfect outfits to have fun in on Christmas day, check out our Christmas collection or branded kid’s clothing today.




Elf Charades

Dress up as Santa’s expert helpers for a fun game of charades! Bonus points for Christmas-related words and the winner gets to be an elf for the rest of the day. Of course, an elf deserves a relaxed Christmas day after a year of hard work!

Our top quality elf-themed clothing!

Christmas Song Pictionary

Print out the lyrics of a few of your favourite Christmas songs and cut up a few select phrases. Play Pictionary by picking one at random, perhaps out of a Santa hat. Bonus points if you can guess the song!

Pen & Paper

12 Days of Questions

Christmas themed 21 questions, condensed to keep the game fast-paced and fun! Write Christmas character’s names on paper and mix them up in a hat. Stick a random one on your head, and you have 12 yes or no questions to ask the group to guess who you are!

Pen & Paper, tape/blue-tack and a headband or hat

Xmas Costume Hunt

On Christmas morning, hide your favourite Clothing Outlet Christmas onesies and gowns around the house. Let the kids loose and see who can wear the most! Extra points for a full outfit, i.e. reindeer items only.

Multiple themed sets of onesies, gowns from our Christmas Collection


Christmas Day Walk

If snow permits, a quick Christmas walk is a perfect way to let kids get out their Christmas excitement and help you burn through those Christmas calories! Check out our quality range of Kid’s character AND Christmas winter wear to keep everyone as toasty as a chestnut over an open fire!

Christmas Day Chill-out

For a laid-back Christmas after the craziness of 2020, check out our range of Christmas pyjamas, gowns and onesies for the whole family. They’re super comfortable, with a mix of adorable and hilarious styles that will make for some unforgettable Christmas photos! Let snowmen melt in front of the TV, and turkey-filled reindeers take the Christmas dinner nap in comfort and style this Christmas.


For more fun activity ideas after Christmas, make sure to check out more of our our blogs! For gorgeous clothing for the whole family, featuring festive flair and designs kid’s will love including: Thomas & Friends, Paw Patrol and more – shop our range today!

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