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The Christmas Collection: Xmas Fun is Comfier than Ever!

December 2020 | Neal Foster

For a child, Christmas Pyjamas are akin to a buying a fancy suit before an event, or a taster before a meal. Whilst some may consider this a far reach, hear me out. Putting on the fluffy socks and reindeer pants before bed on Christmas Eve, feeling the anticipation of the festive fun to come; it can be a truly exciting event! Of course, with our range of quality UK children's clothing, you can take Christmas anticipation to the highest level. Interested? Read on to learn how our kids' pyjamas, onesies and more can make this year a Christmas to remember!

Christmas Onesie Fun

Here at The Clothing Outlet, we stock a vast array of fun and adorable onesies, perfect for the whole family! As we‘ve discussed in many a post, onesies are a great way to get comfortable and have fun with the whole family. The simple act of dressing up in one of our quality kids character onesies can turn something as simple as lounging around watching the Christmas Eve telly into a hilarious and incredibly comfortable time.

A super-soft onesie is also a perfect way to calm little ones down after they’ve been bubbling with excitement since Christmas morning. Something comfortable and easy to wear that looks brilliant will leave a child eager to laze about on the couch, giving you a peaceful few minutes and turning every cuddle into the comfiest gift of all! Every indoor day is made a million times better with one of our kids Christmas character onesies - including Elves, Reindeers and more – available as part of our Christmas Collection.

Christmas Jumpers

It goes without saying that no festive season is complete without a Christmas jumper. Their festive patterns and designs seem to make the woolly overgarments ten times warmer. Order a comfy Christmas jumper right to your door, and you won’t have to wear the same old threadbare jumper with the broken LEDs every again! Here at The Clothing outlet, we stock a variety of elf themed Christmas jumpers the whole family will love. Get one yours”ELF” today as a part of our new Christmas Collection.

Christmas Pyjamas

Of course, as we mentioned at the beginning of the article, Christmas Pyjamas can serve as a great way to make your household’s festive spirit reach the very peak on Christmas eve! A pair of our gorgeous “Girls Cute Christmas Penguin Pyjamas” or adorable “Cute Christmas Reindeer Striped Pyjamas” will look great and get excitement for Christmas to an all-time high.


As you can see, our range of quality UK Children’s clothing is perfect for making this Christmas a memorable one! We offer children’s Christmas clothing, branded character clothing (including Thomas & Friends and Paw Patrol) and so much more – available right here at The Clothing Outlet. Come back next week and learn about fun Christmas activities the whole family will love!

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