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The benefits of Kids Sleep Masks

July 2020 | Neal Foster

Many kids have trouble sleeping, who wouldn’t when there are monsters under the bed? Sleep is important for proper development and a happy morning when it comes to kids, and if your child is struggling with that, one of our face masks may be a perfect choice.

A Better Night’s Sleep

The most valuable aspect of a sleep mask is the ability to block out ambient light. It is commonly known to sleep researchers that the less light is the quicker and easier it is to get a goodnight of sleep. This is especially difficult with kids as many require a nightlight as they’re still young and afraid of the dark. A face mask to block out the light, such as our adorable Pug Dog Sleep Mask, is a perfect way to improve REM sleep, melatonin production and reduce wakefulness. Made of a supersoft fleece material, and fitting all heads with its elasticated strap, you can sleep soundly knowing your child will sleep soundly with our Pug-themed mask for only £5.99.

A Stress-free Night’s Sleep

A sleep mask can also be helpful for medical issues. As kids get older, signs of anxiety or insomnia may become more apparent. These can be difficult to work around for parents or loved ones, and sleep medication can be further disruptive to sleep patterns, quality and create dependence. A sleep mask naturally and safely eases your child’s journey to a good nights sleep. A sleep mask may also help improve kid’s with ‘nocturnal lagophthalmos’, where one doesn’t fully close their eyes during sleep. Dry air and particulates in a room can irritate the eyes, but a mask creates a barrier between them.

A Fun Night’s Sleep

Alongside this, our kid’s sleep masks are perfect for a child because we designed them with kid’s in mind. For example, we offer two versions of our Girls Unicorn Sleep Mask, in Glitter and Rainbow sleep mask patterns to match our Onesie Collection so your child can keep playing make-believe, and not feel uncomfortable with the bland, medical design of a typical face mask. We also ensure a strong level of quality and attention to detail, with embroidered faces, adorable features such as small unicorn horns and dog ears. Kids will love this mask, and feel their imagination come to life for a peaceful, dreamful sleep!

Overall, our collection of kid’s sleeping masks take into account what a child wants in apparel. With fun designs, a supersoft fleece design for ultimate comfort and embroidered details to bring your child's favourite fantasy or real animal to life. We also ensure a high quality sleep mask that will provide the precautions necessary to give your child a far better nights sleep, no matter what they might need. For matching accessories, onesies and gowns for all the family, check out today.


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