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The Battle Of The Trend

December 2018 | Neal Foster

We've had mermaids, unicorns, flamingos, and now the latest to take centre stage is the lovely Llama!

Companies big and small are always looking for the latest animal trend to jump and adorn whether it's cushions, cards or clothing.

Our prints and motifs can be seen in all the shops, on the web and across the squares of Instagram, but which one is your favourite…?

Here’s some of our on-trend collections available here at The Clothing Outlet!


The Llama

What they lack in magic and mystery they certainly make up for in cuteness!


The Mermaid

We're still a fan of the Mermaid. Why not take a look at our ladies and girls nightwear ranges...?

The Unicorn

There will always be a huge place in our hearts for the Unicorn.


The Flamingo

It’s summertime all year round with the flamingo!


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