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Summer Essentials for kids

June 2020 | Amit Jivani

With summer upon us, it’s time to revisit your wardrobes and get it ready for the warmer days. But this can be more of a challenge when it comes to dressing our kids. So often, you’ll look at last years favourite summer clothing items and find that they just don’t fit any more. Those that do still fit, on the other hand, might be stretched and worn.


It’s time to have a think about getting in some new summer essentials for your kids.


Why Buy New Pajamas?


With 2020 being a strange one, we’re all having to spend quite a lot more time at home than we usually might do. That means more pyjama days.


If you’re looking towards more summer PJ days, the chances are that you’ll need to get some new pyjamas for your kids.


Hanging out all day in your PJs is all well and good, but frankly, you may as well do it in style.


If there is one thing that your kids will love it’s a Thomas the Tank Engine- Cheeky Thomas PJ set. Everyone loves Thomas and Friends, and this great PJ set with train tracks running around the legs of the boys set is exciting and cool.


For the girls, there is a cute Thomas and Friends pyjama set in pink with floral detailing. All of the Thomas and Friends clothes that we sell are licensed and official products.  


Having more options for your kid’s pyjamas during lockdown is a must and we have ranges including Baby Shark, Toy Story, Peppa Pig, Harry Potter, In the Night Garden, and so many more.


Playing Out Clothes


As lockdown starts to ease, here’s hoping to some nice days out later in the summer. But in the meantime, if you have a garden, the kids are going to want to play out.


Having the right kids summer clothes for playing out in is essential. You’ll want your clothing to be hardwearing. Your kids won’t be thinking about their clothing when they are running around the garden and digging up the dirt, so you’ll need to think about these things for them.


This digger T-shirt is an ideal choice for running around in the garden. It’s not only well made with a 92% cotton and 8% polyester mix, but it’s fun and a reasonable price too.


Alternatively, this two-pack of dinosaur T-shirts makes an ideal choice with two high-quality T-shirts for just £11.99. That’ll help you fill-up the summer wardrobe very quickly.


For the girls, this unicorn ribbon T-shirt is 100% cotton and well made. Not only is the T-shirt a bargain at just £5.99, but it is also great looking with ribbon detail all along the side of the T-shirt.


Start Shopping Now


We’ve got everything that you need to dress your kids this summer. From PJs, through to tops, jeans, sweatshirts and onesies. And, when you’re ready to start thinking about it, we’ve got the back to school essentials that you’ll need come September.

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