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Stocking Fillers for Kids

December 2021 | Neal Foster

Are you looking for those last few items to fill out the Christmas haul? The Clothing Outlet has got you covered. The Clothing Outlet is home to a wide range of affordable kids clothing items and accessories for sale, featuring popular children's characters.

Our range of kids branded clothing is perfect for filling that present pile with gifts any little one will cherish. Check out our top stocking-filling kid's accessories below.

In The Night Garden Iggle Piggle Boys Hat Scarf & Gloves

Christmas Cold is no issue with the help of our friend Iggle Piggle! In the Night Garden has been a beloved night-time staple since its beginning in 2007. This hat, scarf and gloves set features an adorable embroidered emblem of many kids' favourite characters, Iggle Piggle and Macca Pacca!

The tassel ended scarf, and elasticated gloves are a beautiful turquoise colour, matching the colour of the fleece drop-eared hat.

Peppa Pig George Dinosaur Swim/Trainer Bag

If you're looking for a roar-some Christmas present for your little angel, we've got the perfect stocking filler for you. This Peppa Pig trainer bag for sale features an adorable print of George and his dinosaur toy on its easy wipe clean material.

Thanks to its roomy drawstring enclosure with snap free safety feature, this gift is perfect for everyday use. In addition, a mesh panel is included for ventilation.

Hey Duggee Slippers

Slip this pair of Hey Duggie Slippers into the present pile this Christmas to give your child the p[erfect stocking surprise!

Made from gorgeous fleece fabric that's super comfortable and warm, these hey doggie slippers are the perfect gift for any Squirrel-in-training! On the front of these slip-on style slippers is a printed image of Duggie himself, alongside an embroidered logo on the Velcro strap!

These Hey Duggie slippers are perfect for busy Christmas days, thanks to their rugged grip, non-slip soles that keep bumps and scrapes at bay.

Thomas & Friends Girls Neck Warmer

Don't let your little one get "Snood" in this Christmas! This adorable neck warmer is made from 100% cotton for maximum warmth and comfort in a gorgeous neon pink colour. All-over this Girls' neck warmer is an all-over print of Thomas The Tank engine emblems, logos and a few pretty flowers to boot! The duotone, faux-stitching design makes for a delightfully simple look that's suitable for everyday use.


We hope this guide has shown you the potential of our kid's clothing and accessories for sale as stocking fillers this Christmas. Browse our complete range of branded kids clothing for sale today, or read more of our fun and in-depth guides to find the perfect big present for your little one this Christmas in our range at The Clothing Outlet.


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