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PJ Playtime: Top Character Pyjamas

May 2021 | Neal Foster

Nighttime playtime is the best time for any little one! Horsing around in comfy clothes can create some unforgettable moments for the whole family. The only thing that could make it better? Character pyjamas from The Clothing Outlet! The Clothing Outlet is home to a wide range of top quality pyjamas based around kids’ favourite characters from top TV shows that are perfect for sparking the imagination and getting all that energy out before bed! Interested? Learn more about our amazing range of kids character pyjamas for sale below!

Toy Story Boys Buzz Lightyear Pyjamas

Buzz Lightyear to the rescue! These amazingly adorable Toy Story pyjamas are perfect for playtime. They feature the uniform of the fearless Space Ranger Buzz Lightyear. This set is perfect for the young one looking to fly around with the last of their energy at night before falling in style towards the bed. These cotton pyjamas feature a Buzz print all around, even including Lightyear’s signature at the bottom! Any child will be absolutely buzzing to have these in their wardrobe, pun intended.

Star Wars Darth Vader Cape Pyjamas

If taking your kid to bed is starting to feel like an Imperial March, these Vader themed PJs are sure to pull the night away from The Dark Side! These Star Wars kids pyjamas feature an allover print based on Lord Vader’s iconic outfit that is truly epic. To top it off, the pyjama top even features a cape – sure to look awesome when your kid spins his lightsaber around. This cotton set even features a small portrait print of Vader himself at the bottom. Check them out!

Boys Alien Monster Onesie

Another iconic Toy Story character in pyjama form! This gorgeous fleece onesie is designed around the hilarious aliens that have been a comedic high point of the series since Toy Story 2. The hood features the adorable designs of the aliens themselves, as well as cute little ears on top. The supersoft fabric comes in a gorgeous blue with a green contrast tummy that’s truly out of this world. This is the perfect onesie for getting comfy on the couch and enjoying the classic Pixar films, or even staging an alien invasion!

Girls Rainbow Unicorn Onesie

Who doesn’t love unicorns!? If your little princess is simply obsessed with all that sparkles at the minute, this gorgeous supersoft unicorn onesie with an allover rainbow print is a must-have. This beautiful rainbow onesie features an awesome and adorable unicorn face hood, with a 3D horn on top to boot! Galloping around the living room before bedtime has never been more fun – or comfortable – with this beautiful onesie.


The Clothing Outlet hopes this guide has shown you what our amazing range of kids sleepwear for sale, featuring beloved children's characters, can do to make playtime before bedtime that much better. Browse our range of kids character pyjamas for sale today.

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