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Paranormal New Normal: Alternative 2020 Halloween Guide

October 2020 | Neal Foster

For 2020, Halloween is looking a lot more new normal than paranormal. Therefore, Halloween may be a little less conventional than your kids are used to – with trick or treating likely being off the table. This doesn’t mean Halloween has to be a living, indoor nightmare, however! In this superb-natural guide, we at The Clothing Outlet want to offer you some frighteningly good tips on how to have a socially-distanced Halloween!

Halloween Zoom Party

Zoom calls may leave us parents, feeling like zombies. But for kids, it could be a great substi-spook for a Halloween party! Kids will be just as excited to show off their costumes online  as they would in-person, and many party games can be loads of fun over the web, including:

  • Halloween Quizzes
  • Costume Contests
  • Pumpkin Carving Contest
  • Halloween Storytelling

No matter what ghoulish games you choose to partake in this Halloween, the interaction between kids will light-up their October 31st and keep the spooky spirit alive through these strange times!

Halloween Baking

Trick or treating may be off the table this October, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make your treats! Baking is an incredibly fun and engaging family event. Shuddersome snacks are not only delicious but bring the family together in a co-operative task. Gruesome gingerbread ghosts, creepy cupcakes and other beastly baked goods will be delicious when made with family love. Best of all, homemade goods are often healthier than typical treats! Halloween Baking is the perfect activity for indoor fun.

Halloween Scavenger Hunt

You can turn any house into a haunted house. With the right decorations and with a bit of planning, you can turn that house into the perfect setting for a scary scavenger hunt! Decorate the home with fake web, comically creepy gravestones and assorted abominable accessories and create a list of hidden items, and you gave a scavenger hunt!

Simple Halloween decorations will work a treat as freaky findables, or even googly eyes on typical household objects to make them “possessed”! A scavenger hunt will immerse kids in the Halloween season, without costing an arm and a leg.

Other Halloween Games

Get Creative this Halloween! Any game you come up with will be perfect, after all, you know your kids better than anyone else. Here are just a few quick suggestions from us here at The Clothing Outlet:

Pin the Spider on The Web

A creepy spin on a classic (Pin the Tail On the Donkey) is easy to understand, easy to play and even easier to set up!

Pumpkin Mini-Golf

Play a round of indoor crazy golf using the mouth of your pumpkin carving contest creations! Could also be played outdoors for a little extra putting distance between tee and pumpkin.

Sweetie Stack

Stack the chocolates up high (bigger, flatter chocolates are ideal), the highest tower wins! Get creative with weirder shaped chocolates, or play a classic game of Jenga with the stack also for an equally fun twist!

Halloween Guessing Games

Test the whole families horror knowledge with this easy to play, hard to master game! Charades is the perfect family game as it can be tailored to age and knowledge. Pictionary is equally as fun if there’s a pen around!

Blind as a Bat!

Place weird items such as slime or sensory bags, Halloween decorations or even common household items behind a curtain. Using only your senses of touch, hearing and smell you must guess what the items are! The number of guesses can be varied to help smaller children, and why not offer three yes/no questions for extra help? Get creative and create a DIY guessing area (a cardboard box on its side with a cut out on the back to place items in, and a curtain over the opening works fine) or use a blindfold for added fun!


…And Relax!

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