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New Year's, from Resolution to Relaxation: Your Family 2021 Guide

January 2021 | Neal Foster

2021 is a year of promise, even with a rocky start. Whilst we may be indoors again, there’s plenty to look forward to. Make 2021 a better year with a variety of activities, resolutions and gorgeous kid’s clothing the whole family will love with the help of us here at The Clothing Outlet. We are the leading online seller of Thomas The Tank Engine, Paw Patrol and other types of children's clothing. Read on to find out more.

New Year's resolutions for the whole family! 2021

The new year's resolution is your guiding star throughout the uncertainty of 2021. A clear and achievable goal gives you new heights to stride towards, ensuring you tackle each day with optimism and a mantra to drive you forward. Having a goal in mind for the whole family this year could be a great way to keep spirits high in these tumultuous early months. here are just a few examples of potential resolutions the whole family could benefit from in 2021!

Reducing Daily Screentime

Due to last year events, everyone’s screentime has no doubt dramatically increased. More screentime means less interaction across the household. Cutting down will improve communication and make the whole family feel a little closer together! Family walks, activities (as we’ll discuss later) and other group events can help make phones feel a little less gripping. Starting at an hour a day, or setting aside a “family” day can really make 2021 a year filled with amazing memories

Deal with Stress Effectively

Dealing with stress is a skill very few master. Online school, working from home and general isolation leaves the separation between work and home life blurred. Setting aside time for relaxation and ensuring the whole family feels comfortable discussing their stresses will reduce friction in the home and make quality time together even better.

New Year Activities for 2021

Bring Back The Board Games!

Board Games may seem like artefacts if a long-lost civilisation to your kids now, but once you settle down and the pieces are out there’s no better way to bring the family together! Many family games, such as Monopoly and Uno, have videogame versions that support online play as well, perfect for those zoom meetups with family further away.

Don’t Forget To Relax!

Chilling out can be just as fun as any family event. Our collection of onesies, including this adorable “Thomas & Friends Boys I'm The Cheeky One Printed Fleece Onesie” are incredibly comfortable and perfect for a quiet day in. sitting down as a family with your favourite film and enjoying each others company will not only bring you together but help everyone unwind.


All of us here at The Clothing Outlet hope our advice helps you enjoy 2021 as a year of improvements and quality time for all the family. Check out our quality range of branded Kid’s character clothing featuring kids’ favourite character such as Paw Patrol and more on our site today.

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