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New Year! Perfect Tops For Birthday Celebrations

December 2020 | Neal Foster

2021 is a year full of uncertainties, opportunities and possibilities. What we know for certain above all else, however, is that a new year means new birthdays! From the first to the big one-zero, kid’s birthdays are a truly special time. Here at The Clothing Outlet, we offer the perfect kid’s clothing you need to make that special day perfect. Get prepared for the birthdays ahead and read on to learn about our funBirthday “I Am…” Collection here at The Clothing Outlet!

Boys I Am ... 1st Birthday Top

The first big birthday is a truly special one indeed. Birthday number one marks the beginning of toddler-hood, a period of great change in your child as they become the kid they’ll be in their formative years. Our gorgeous 100% cotton long sleeve serves as the perfect adorable fashion-piece to commemorate this momentous occasion. This children’s top features a large printed one with puff print eyes that truly pop. The long-sleeve is a gorgeous baby blue colour all-around that transcends seasonal looks – ideal for a shirt that can be used all year round!

I Am ... The Birthday Girl T-Shirt

Birthday parties will no doubt be common occurrences next year, serving as a perfect respite for parents and an unforgettable highlight for many a child! Make sure your princess’s special day is known far and wide with this gorgeous 100% cotton birthday girl T-Shirt! Available in sizes from 12-18 months all the way up to 5-6 years, this delightfully deep pink tee is printed with a simple and jubilant “I’m The Birthday Girl!” message in glitter, adorned by a colourful design that really pops. For an eye-catching shirt for the day when all eyes should be on your child, look no further.

I Am ... The Best Little Brother T-Shirt

Family is close, chief among them brothers. No matter how much they annoy each other, brothers have a special bond that’s hard to replicate. Let your little one be proud of your slightly older, one-year-less-little one on their birthday with this adorable round neck short sleeve T-shirt. This 100% cotton tee has a gorgeous colour scheme of deep blues and bright oranges atop simple white that is as fashionable as it is “aww”-inspiring. For the perfect shirt for the perfect lil’ bro – buy now!

Childs I Am ... 2nd Birthday Top

The terrible twos are marked with toddler’s tantrums and teething, so make the most of a happy birthday with this gorgeous embroidered long-sleeve! Made of 100% cotton, this kid’s birthday top comes in a gorgeous pale blue, with white-striped sleeves that catch the eye. Top this off with an embroidered pink number two with a dash of love hearts and you have a long-sleeve that is “two”-tally the cutest!


As you can see from this small selection, our range of top-quality children’s birthday clothing from the “I am…” collection is ready and waiting to make 2021 birthdays special! Browse our range of birthday clothing, alongside branded kids clothing with characters loved across the UK such as Thomas & Friends and Paw Patrol. For the best kid’s birthday clothing around, shop at The Clothing Outlet today.

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