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The Sparkliest Day of The Year!

April 2019 | Neal Foster

Which mythological creature has been admired by both children and adults over the recent years? The one that sparkles of course! And as they deserve, a day completely dedicated to unicorns themselves is approaching! Tuesday the 9th of April is National Unicorn Day, so make sure you’re prepared for a day filled with glitter, sparkles, rainbows and joy!

Unicorn Day was created to celebrate the enchanting creatures, as well as remind us adults to always remember how fun life can be when we let a little bit of magic sometimes!

Unicorns have played a huge part in our childhood, and still to this day continue to be loved by our little ones. But where did the magnificent mythological creature come from?

The concept of unicorns has been around since Ancient Greek times, when people believed they lived in exotic India. Back then, they were thought to be fierce and powerful animals, contrasting to what they are now perceived as these days! We now recognise unicorns as a symbol of love, enchantment and magic – the perfect role model for our little ones!

How to celebrate

Many love to celebrate Unicorn Day by baking a colourful cake, cupcakes or even pancakes! How about spending the day with your little ones baking some unicorn themed treats, or even invite some of their friends round to take part and have a bit of fun together! But, to complete your day and take it to the extra level of celebrating Unicorn day…you need to do it in style! Make sure your little one is celebrating National Unicorn Day in the best way possible by treating them to a Unicorn themed outfit!

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Remember to celebrate on Tuesday the 9th of April by using the #NationalUnicornDay on social media!

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