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Kids Clothes From The Web: Top Spiderman Products!

March 2021 | Neal Foster

After all your web-slinging, you’ve finally found your way to The Clothing Outlet, congratulations! For any parent with a little one who’s Spidey-obsessed, look no further. The Clothing Outlet is home to a variety of Spiderman-themed kids clothing and accessories sure to leave any wallcrawling wonderchild dancing on the ceiling! To learn more about our top-quality kid’s Spiderman clothing for sale here in the UK, read on.

Spiderman UPF40+ Sunsafe Suit

Your child is sure to be the star of your next staycation with this adorable Spiderman-themed sunsafe suit! This boy’s swim suit is perfect for younger kids who love Miles Morales and Peter Parker and are also Miles away on a beach in their Parka (we tried)! This suit is a faithful recreating of Spidey’s Spandex, with a brilliant blue and red web combo alongside the logo. This suit provides up to UPf40+ protection and features an easy to use zip fastening at the back, perfect for a long day of crime-fighting before quickly swapping back into your secret identity. For an adorable highlight to any holiday or day out, you’ve got to check this out.

Spiderman Towelling Poncho

After a long day of splashing and swinging as Spidey in the sun, getting your kid calm to dry off can be a nightmare. That’s why The Clothing outlet offers this Spiderman-themed hooded towel. This one-size-fits-all poncho features a gorgeous block-colour design, with a bright blue body and vibrant red hood strikingly similar to the costume design of Peter Parker’s clone – Ben Reilly for the absolutely Spidey-obsessed!  Combine this little detail with an awesome print of the friendly neighbourhood Spiderman himself and you have the perfect bathtime buddy for Spiderman fans of any age.

Spiderman Fleece Dressing Gown

This Spiderman fleece dressing gown makes for the perfect gift, coming in its own high-quality gift box! This design is truly gorgeous, undoubtedly capable of becoming any kids go to snuggle-time outfit. It features a colourful all-over print of Spidey in various forms and poses, alongside a subtle contrast colour trim. This polar fleece dressing gown is super toasty and super vibrant, so make sure to pick one up for any kid ages 2-7 years!

Spiderman Fleece Onesie

3 Spidermen in one microfleece onesie, that’s out of this Spiderverse! Peter, Miles and future Spiderman Miguel come to life on the front of this gorgeous zip up front onesie, featuring cuffed sleeves and legs. The allover print features the signature vibrant blues and reds of our TCO Spiderman collection, alongside lots of webbing! The microfleece fabric makes this a perfect combo with our dressing gown above, so make sure to check this out!

The Clothing Outlet hopes this guide has given you the knowledge you need to pick the perfect crimefighting costume for your little one. Browse our range of branded kids Spiderman clothing here, or check out our range of Paw Patrol branded clothing, Thomas & Friends and more here.

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