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How to help Alleviate Back-To-School Stress

April 2021 | Neal Foster

The vast majority of kids here in the UK are now back in school for the first time for nearly a year. That means no more Zoom lessons and more time away from home. Whilst many kids are no doubt eager to get out and spend time with friends, an unfortunate byproduct of online learning is that many kids have faced a reduced quality of learning or social isolation for an extended period. This can cause anxiety in even the youngest and brightest of our little stars. If your little one is stressed or struggling now that they’re back at school, The Clothing Outlet has a few points we feel you should consider, alongside adorable branded kids clothing items for sale we hope can help. Interested? Learn more below.

Let Kids Make The Most of Their Downtime

As parents, there’s no doubt you want to make every minute with your kid the best it can be. Absence makes the heart grow fonder; after over a year of having kids indoors far more often than usual, it can be easy to drag them along for countless fun activities after a whole day away at school. Many kids find themselves with a large pile of work, surrounded by people and taking covid tests twice a week. Simply put, anyone would be exhausted after this. Not every kid is the same, of course, but if your kid seems to need some space – don’t smother them! There’s always the weekend to enjoy together, so invest in an adorable kid's animal-themed blanket for them to snuggle up in on these new normal weekdays that no doubt feel quite long for little ones!

Acknowledge Their Hard Work

Many kids have had to work twice as hard to keep up over this pandemic, just like many of us parents have. If working from home has been hard for you as an adult, you can no doubt empathise with how your child must be feeling after months of zoom lessons and home revision. Around April-time is when many schools have a parents evening. Your kid, as you’ve no doubt seen throughout this pandemic, has likely kept marching on under adverse conditions and with a much smaller support circle. Kids across the country have continued to grow, learn and better themselves with nothing but a Chromebook or laptop. When the results of Parents Evening come through, treat your little one! The Clothing Outlet is home to a vast array of branded kids character clothing featuring child favourites such as Spiderman. Thomas & Friends, Paw Patrol and more that we’re sure you’re Zoom school pro will be truly happy with.


The Clothing Outlet hopes this guide has shown you some of the key areas to focus on to help alleviate your little one’s back to school stress, alongside some top quality branded kids character clothing items for sale that are sure to brighten your day. If you’re interested in our top quality clothing for sale here in the UK or want to check out a few more of our guides, browse our range or blogs today.

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