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How to Have the Perfect PJ Day

February 2021 | Neal Foster

During the pandemic, it feels like most days are PJ days for the whole family. However, that doesn’t make them good ones. Setting aside a special day to just relax in your comfiest clothing (hopefully purchased from us!) can be a great way to help everyone unwind during lockdown. Interested? Learn how to put together the perfect PJ Day, including fun activities for the whole family in this guide here at The Clothing Outlet.

Step 1: Choose the Pyjamas!

Perhaps the most important step of all is picking the right pyjamas for the occasion. After all, there’s no point in a Pyjama day if you’re not comfortable. We’d recommend a fresh set of PJs in the morning of the day to ensure ultimate comfort. Fleece pyjamas are super comfortable and easy to wear, especially when combined with a dressing gown.  Alternatively, character onesies can make for the perfect balance of fun and comfort for the entire family too! Of course, The Clothing Outlet is home to a vast array of branded kid’s nightwear, including beloved brands like Thomas & Friends and Paw Patrol clothing. Check out our range today.

Step 2: Relax!

PJ Days are all about completely unwinding. Whilst it might be easy to let the excitement of a whole day free of normal pressures for both kids and the young at heart, they’ll be plenty of time to play around! Enjoying your time to the fullest means not rushing through every activity you can think of. You don’t need to be setting up the Pillow Fort whilst you’re watching Toy Story (hopefully with the little ones in our Buzz Lightyear Pyjama Set!), take your time! One activity at the time will space out the day, stopping you and the kids from getting bored and tired by lunch.

Step 3: PJ Day Activities!

PJ day-themed activities are the cuddliest around, and super fun to boot! One great way combo to start Pyjama day is the PJ Grab and toss! Begin by having your kid’ place their favourite pyjamas in an empty basket (adults are also welcome to join in!), one item each at a time until the basket is as full as you deem to be enough. Once full, shake it up and choose who goes first. Each player then takes a turn grabbing a random garment out of the basket. Whatever comes out, the person who it belongs to has to wear it! Expect some wacky PJ combos from this! When done, dump out the basket all across the room and see who can throw a Pyjama into the basket from the furthest distance, blindfolds or assigning point values to certain colours/types of nightwear can make this even more fun!

Building pillow forts, hide and seek, pillow fights… whatever activities you choose – Pyjama day is sure to be a blast!

All of us here at The Clothing Outlet hope this guide sets you on the right path for planning and enjoying the perfect pyjama day! Browse our range of Kids nightwear, including Thomas & Friends Onesies for sale, on our site today!

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