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Hoodies perfect for the British summer

July 2020 | Neal Foster

British summers can be temperamental, to say the least, and you never know when the little ones are going to want to play. Come rain or shine, The Clothing Outlet offers a wide array of children’s hoodies branded with children’s favourite shows and brands to keep a smile on their faces – even if the British weather doesn’t leave a smile on yours!

In our boys’ section, we have some of the most iconic modern children’s shows on fleeced jackets and hoodies. Our brand new Paw Patrol Fleece Lined Hooded Jacket has a bright colour scheme with a pattern featuring the Paw Patrol logo and kid-favourite characters Marshall and Chase. The jacket’s fleece lining covers the entire interior, including the hood, making this jacket a showerproof, windproof, water-repellent functional fleece. The jacket is zip fastened, has two front pockets and Velcro cuff adjusters, making it the jacket for any child who loves the outdoors, and is ready to go out on patrol!

We also offer a Paw Patrol Fleece Lined Hooded Jacket for girls, featuring a similar fleeced design with a pink colour scheme, and featuring some of childrens’ favourite female role models in the show, Skye and Everest

For younger children, we have an adorable embroidered In The Night Garden Iggle Piggle Boys Hoody. This officially licensed hoodie comes in a light or dark blue colour, with striped blue accents in the pockets and quilted sleeves making for a subtle but playful hoody. This jacket is currently on sale for £9.99, making it a cheap, quality hoody that your kid can wear every day and keep Iggle Piggle close to his heart!

We also offer some fashionable original designs for both boys and girls. Our Girls Bird Quilted Hoodie has a childish playfulness to it whilst keeping a mature look kids yearn for. Its quilted design wouldn’t look out of place in your wardrobe, its floral lined hood adds a striking splash of colour to the calming, neutral design. The embroidered patch on the chest has a beautiful art style, and the message “Wild at Heart” in cursive. For £13.99, this is a fashionable and affordable jacket.

Finally, for the future palaeontologist, we have the Boys Dinosaur Print Hoody! This navy hoodie is covered in various carnivorous (and not so carnivorous) creatures that your dino-obsessed child will no doubt love. This 100% cotton jacket has a cool colour scheme, with a contrasting green on the cuffs, hem and stitching that makes the jacket pop, with two deep front pockets for your child’s favourite toy dinosaurs. This jacket has amazing attention to detail and level of quality and comes in at only £12.99

These jackets are only a few examples from our line of hoodies, sweatshirts and much much more! We have branded items form your kids’ favourite TV shows, including Thomas the Tank Engine and more. For a jacket, hoody, hat, onesie or T-shirt your child will adore., check out our extensive range at


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