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Hogs & Kisses: Top Peppa Pig Products

February 2021 | Neal Foster

Peppa has become a ubiquitous name in children’s media. The Pink Pig and her long list of family & friends have become well-known household names. You’ll find Peppa, George and the rest of the cast everywhere nowadays, from their very own theme park to a movie that raked in £4,455,468 ($6,249,036 USD) at the box office. If your kid is positively possessed with Peppa pig passion, our range of Peppa Pig branded character Kid’s clothing is just what you need. Learn more about our extensive collection of Peppa Pig themed clothing here at The Clothing Outlet!

Peppa Pig 3D Wings Wellies

Every parent who’s had to sit through far too much Peppa Pig knows the character's obsession with jumping in muddy puddles. Whilst fitting for a pig, no one wants to see their child’s only pair of shoes getting dumped into a bog. These Peppa Pig themed wellies are the perfect solution! These Slip-on style wellies feature a hard grip, non-slip serrated sole that’s perfect for splashing around in muddy puddles! Of course, the best feature these wellies have is the adorable all-over print of Peppa pig. The pastel rainbow colours are combined with a 3d print of Peppa herself and some fairy wings that stick out all the way off the back of the boot. For muddy puddle wellies, any Peppa fan will love, look no further!

Peppa Pig Towelling Poncho

When your little one is as excitable as the titular Peppa herself, it can be a nightmare to get them dry after bathtime! Here at The Clothing Outlet, we offer this Peppa Pig branded towel that’s perfect for reducing splashes post-bathtime! This towel is a one-size-fits-all hooded poncho, that goes over the head to make towelling down after bathtime just that much easier. This towel comes in a beautiful pastel pink, with a stronger pink atop the hood. The front of this poncho also features a high-quality print of Peppa Pig as a mermaid! Kid’s will no doubt love this design, especially once you notice the unicorn! For those parents looking to make bathtime a little easier and more fun, check this item out.

Peppa Pig George 3D Dinosaur Backpack

Dinosaur! This George Pig themed backpack is the perfect choice for any Dino-obsessed Peppa Pig fan. Perfect for days out, nights away or the soon approaching return to school, this Mini backpack will get any George fan through thick and thin. With adjustable padded shoulder straps and a peg handle, this 8 litre Peppa Pig backpack is ideal for kids and will easily fit a packed lunch, drink and much more.


As you can see, The Clothing Outlet is home to an extensive array of Peppa Pig character clothing and accessories for sale. This article has only scratched the surface of the Kid’s clothing we have for sale, so make sure to check out the rest of our range of Peppa Pig clothing today. The Clothing Outlet is also home to Paw Patrol and Thomas & Friends kid’s clothing, which you can find on our site here.

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