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Great gifts for national children’s day

January 2020 | Neal Foster

National Children’s Day is coming up. On 12 May 2020, we not only consider and raise awareness of concerns for the welfare of children across the country, but we also celebrate the children in our own lives and just how much they add to our lives. As such, it’s the perfect time to get them an extra little gift to make them feel appreciated, and here a few selections perfect for just that.


This super cute pug onesie

There are few pieces of nightwear that are as snuggly and as fun to wear as a good onesie. This supersoft pug dog onesie is incredibly cute with that little embroidered face and tongue poking out, and we have them in sizes for kids as young as 2 all the way up to 13. We have a whole bunch of onesie designs, too, so you can pick whichever animal is your child’s favourite.


These fab rainbow unicorn slippers

It’s never a bad time of day to be sparkly and comfy at the same time. These cute unicorn face slippers have a gorgeous 3D silver horn poking up from them, giving them just the level of detail to satisfy any growing unicorn fan. Plus, they go excellent with the rainbow unicorn face mask or onesie that we also have in store if you feel like really treating your little girl. 

This signing Baby Shark backpack

Sure, you might be sick of the song by now, but your child probably isn’t. For that reason, this school/nursery bag could be the perfect thing for them. Not only is it super cute, but it plays the Baby Shark song and son everything. As well as being cool, it’s also practical, with padded straps, a zipped opening, and a carry/peg handle.


This awesome hat, scarf, and mitts set 

Though children’s day is in May, you want to be prepared for chilly weather later in the year. You want your kid to be comfy and safe, and so this dinosaur hat, scarf, and mitts set will be perfect for keeping them cosy through the colder months. We have a huge variety of winter accessory sets for both boys and girls, so they’re not just for the dinosaur loving boys in the family. You can get one for everyone, each of them different.


These Paw Patrol wellies

There are few footwear options that get kids excited, but wellies certainly do. Why? Because it gives them the power to splash in puddles without getting told off, of course. Aside from that universally joyful concept, these boots are special thanks to their unique Paw Patrol Chase & Marshall design. There are few kids who don’t love Paw Patrol, and these boots can make them feel like part of the gang.

At the Clothing Outlet, we have a bunch of fun outfits and accessories that can make a great present for your child when National Children’s Day comes. Take a look around the store to see if you can’t find any inspiration for a present of your own choosing, too.


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