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Dreamy Nightwear

December 2018 | Neal Foster

For us, the perfect recipe for a good night’s sleep is clean bedding, a warm shower and of course new pyjamas! Whether it’s an afternoon nap or a full 8 hour kip, here are 3 perfect pyjamas to help you achieve the sleep you most definitely need!

Vest Shorts Pyjamas

Although this summer has been amazing, the nights have been a tough one to get through with the heat! There’s nothing more chilling than our Chillax to the Max vest and shorts set. Not only will you look uber cute in these, you’ll also be cooler!

Womens Vest Shorts Pyjamas


Team Mermaid Varsity Look Nightdress

If you’re looking for a nightdress then look no further than our Team Mermaid one! The biggest problem you’ll have with this is that it’s so comfy you might even find yourself wearing it to do the weekly shop (we’ve all been there).

Womens Team Mermaid Varsity Look Nightdress


Loungewear Pyjama Top

If you’re like us and could literally nap all the time then this is perfect for you. Lazy Sunday? Long day at work? There’s a nap for that! If you’re even slightly prone to drifting away on the sofa then this is a must have.

Womens Loungewear Pyjama Top


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