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Blanket Statement: How TCO Blankets are Perfect for Lockdown Lounging

March 2021 | Claire Ferris

Lockdown may soon come to an end, but in the meantime we’re all still left with far too much free time at home. Feeling restless as the end draws closer is an issue for us all, Kids and adults alike. The best way to keep the family calm, especially as schools reopen, is to provide a comfortable environment to unwind and relax in at home. The Clothing Outlet offers a vast array of super soft kid’s blankets for sale that we’re sure will make lockdown lounging perfect!

Gaming Fleece Blanket Throw

Older kids likely spend a lot of time huddled around the PC or TV this lockdown, using the latest online games to connect with friends they can’t see or enjoying open-worlds to immerse themselves in a new world. For maximum gaming comfort. Trust this gorgeous fleece blanket! This supersoft polar fleece fabric features a gaming pattern on one side and a simple grey design on the other. The large version of this blanket comes in at 170x200cm, leaving plenty of blanket to wrap up in! If your child loves to game, let them game in comfort with this beautiful blanket.

Rainbow Unicorn Hooded Cuddle Blanket

On bodies big or small, most blankets just never seem to cover everything up. Luckily, our range of kids blankets at The Clothing Outlet is perfectly designed to keep little ones snuggly and warm. This is exemplified in our range of hooded cuddle blankets! This particular hooded kids blanket for sale features our iconic rainbow unicorn character. The blanket measures in at 78cmx114cm of supersoft fleece fabric, perfect for keeping kids aged 4-8 covered! We also offer a dino-themed version of the super comfortable hooded blanket design that’s totally roarsome.

Shark Novelty Sleeping Bag

This hilarious novelty sleeping bag is some-fin truly special. Made of our top-quality supersoft fleece fabric, this unique blanket form factor is as cute as it is practical. The highlight of this kids sleeping bag is the 3D details. The fins, tail, teeth and eyes really make this piece look like a hungry shark! The ultra-snuggly 122cmx50cm form factor ensures this blanket is jaw-st perfect for ages as young as three all the way up to twelve.

We also offer the same novelty sleeping bag design with our classic Dinosaur character, featuring large 3D spikes all the way down! This kids blanket is absolutely dino-mite, so make sure to pick it up for any Jurassic-crazed kid!


We hope this guide has shown you the benefits of our amazing collection of Kid’s blankets that we have for sale. The Clothing Outlet is home to an incredible array of kid’s character clothing, including trusted and loves kids brands such as Thomas & Friends, Paw Patrol, Peppa Pig and more. For the best kid’s clothing for sale in the UK today, trust The Clothing Outlet!

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