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Autumn Harry Potter PJs

August 2021 | Neal Foster

As the leaves begin to fall and the nights come that little bit earlier, families across the UK are feeling the magic of Autumn! There’s nothing better than cosy Autumn nights as a family, watching your favourite movies and snuggling on the couch. Well, that is unless you’re a Harry Potter fan. If so, we have a way to make your nights even better! Learn more about our range of adorable Harry Potter sleepwear for sale, part of our stock of incredible character clothing at The Clothing Outlet!

Harry Potter Hermione Character Pyjamas

Perfect for little Potterheads, these are comfortable long-sleeve pyjamas with a high-quality digital print. Hermoine is a fan-favourite in Harry Potter, known for her sharp wit and fierce independence, a great role model for girls of all ages! This pyjama set features a duotone design, with dark grey and black creating a crazy comfy look! The front of the pyjama tee features a gorgeous digital print design, with Hermoine standing in front of Hogwarts. In addition, it features the text “I’d Rather Be at Hogwarts!” (Wouldn’t we all?) and “Let the magic begin!”

This gorgeous Harry Potter pyjama set is available for ages 5-12. Check them out today!

Harry Potter Owl Bootie Slippers

Hedwig, the owl, was by Harry’s side throughout the series, delivering messages and looking adorable! These Harry Potter Owl Bootie Slippers are like your little one’s own comfy Familiar!

These Harry Potter slippers are styled after Hedwig, with a fluffy white exterior and fantastic embroidered eyes and 3D ears. In addition, these Harry Potter slippers are designed in the bootie style, providing high ankle support and a hard grip non-slip sole. These features make these Hedwig-themed Harry Potter slippers for sale perfect for any little witch or Wizard who likes to fly around the house!

Our Harry Potter Owl bootie slippers from The Clothing Outlet are available in kid’s shoe sizes, from 1-13. Check them out today, and have them delivered right to your door – no trip to Diagon Alley required!

Harry Potter Hogwarts Girls Pyjamas

This gorgeous Girls pyjama set from the clothing outlet is available for ages 5-12 years. Much like the Hermoine set, this long-sleeve pyjama top and bottoms feature an adorable, magical duotone design alongside a high-quality print! The long sleeves feature a textured grey pattern, whereas the bottoms feature a gorgeous pastel blue colour. In addition, the top features a Hogwarts print in a striking geometric black and white, with “Hogwarts Student” on top.


The items listed above are just a small selection of the various Harry Potter character clothing available at the Clothing Outlet, including sleepwear and accessories. Please browse our range of Harry Potter clothing for kids today or read more about the various outfits and designs we offer in our blogs.

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