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Best Character Flip Flops

August 2021 | Neal Foster

Don’t flip out, but summer is here! The Clothing Outlet is home to a wide range of flip flops for sale as a part of our range of kids branded clothing, featuring iconic characters such as Thomas & Friends. Our range of flip flops is perfect for little ones of all ages this summer. Learn why with The Clothing Outlet!

What are Flip Flops?

Flip Flops are sandals with zero ankle straps. Designed to be as easy to wear as possible, they typically feature a Y-shape strap at the front that slides between the toes for support.

Benefits of Flip Flops

Flip Flops are so named for the sound they make on the sandy beaches of the world. Flip Flops are light, easy to wear and incredibly comfortable. All of our range of kids flip flops for sale feature non-slip soles to keep feet firmly on the ground. The most significant feature of our kids flip flops is, of course, the branded kids characters designs. Learn more about the beloved characters featured on our flip flop range below.

Paw Patrol Flip Flops

Keep little paws comfy on the beach with these slip-on, thong-style flip flops. On the left, you’ll find the police pup Chase as a high-quality print on the sole. On the right, you’ll see the firefighting hound Marshall. These prints give our Paw Patrol flip flops an adorable duotone look that’s sure to catch your kid’s eye.

This flip flop features a non-slip rubber sole for your child’s safety and is available in kids’ sizes from 6-13.

Thomas Pool Sliders

Sliders are a variation of the Flip Flop that utilise a strap across the top of the toes to secure the foot. This style is increasingly popular with kids and adults alike. So let your little one steam on ahead in fashion with these Thomas & Friends themed flip flops! Ideal for the pool, beach or even just the garden, these kids sliders for sale feature a high-quality printed image of Thomas, Percy and James!

Like our Paw Patrol flip flops, this Thomas themed set includes a rugged grip, non-slip sole for safety and is available in sizes 7-12.5. Also, check out these same kids sliders for sale, available in a lighter Thomas blue!


More Kids Themed Flip Flops Available!

From Paw Patrol to Harry Potter, our range of flip flops for sale has your little one covered.  We offer a wide range of kids flip flops for sale.

The Clothing Outlet is also home to various sandals, aqua shoes and more featuring the characters your kids love. Check out our range today or learn more about our range via more of our in-depth blogs available on our site.

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