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Awesome Autumn, Awesome Activities!

November 2020 | Amit Jivani

As we find ourselves in a second lockdown, it may seem like all your plans are out of the window. Autumn may have just got a whole lot more cream or grey than auburn, depending on the colour of your living room, and your kids might already be getting restless. Rather than going stir crazy at home, take each day one at a time, and use this handy guide filled to the brim with ‘au-some’ activities for both indoor and outdoor fun to keep the whole family entertained!

Family Walks

Similar to the beginning of the year, exercise is one of the essential reasons you may leave the house. A family walk is easy to keep social-distanced, and is a great way to get entertained and enjoy the outside world! As we all know, there’s no better time for a walk than autumn, with crisp leaves just ready to be kicked and crunched underfoot, and just-right weather for cosy coats. Fresh air will do wonders for the whole family during this time, and a walk is easy to fit into any schedule.

Of course, if you plan to walk, your children are going to need a coat that’s easy to wear and warmer than a summer’s day, and that’s where we come in! Our Thomas and Friends or Paw Patrol Fleece Lined Hooded Jackets are perfect for a rainy day, and one of our quality jumpers pair perfectly with our Quilted Hooded Gilet for an adorable autumn outfit when it’s warmer.

Lockdown Garden Marshmallow Roasting

Do you have some wood leftover from your bonfire bonanza? Autumn is the perfect time to get a fire going in a fire pit or chiminea, with temperatures just cool enough for a fire to make a difference, but not too cold that you turn into a family of icicles! Marshmallows are easy to toast and delicious to boot, making for a perfect fun activity that will always yield a tasty reward. The ideal length for a marshmallow stick is around 86 centimetres, but a telescopic model can help you keep the little ones at a safe distance.

To help keep kid’s warm whilst the marshmallows roast, we’d recommend one of our range of hats! We offer quality branded kids hats and gloves with characters they’ll love, such as In the Night Garden (how fitting!) or Thomas and Friends.

Have fun indoors!

Kid’s of all ages love to snuggle up in animal onesies and flamingo dressing gowns to watch a film or show. There’s plenty of fun to be had with indoor games, so throw on some of our quality character clothing such as our Dinosaur onesies for kids or our In the Night Garden Onesies and let imaginations run wild!

Indoor Autumn crafts are easy to organise, easy to make and lead to impressive results! A few leaves from the garden can be painted and become a gorgeous homemade stamp for any canvas, conkers in a bowl can become a fun number game. You may be stuck indoors, but nature gives you all the tools you need to make the most of it!


For quality branded clothing your little ones will love to wear this lockdown, The Clothing Outlet is your number one UK Kids clothing store! Browse our range of Paw Patrol, Toy story and Thomas and Friends autumn wear today!

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