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At Long Last! Kids Avengers Holiday Clothing

July 2021 | Claire Ferris

Families, assemble!


The warm weather is shining upon us, and the UK is open once more. After many a long day indoors with our families, we can all go out and enjoy the great outdoors once more! So whether you're looking for a staycation or vacation, The Clothing Outlet has you covered! At long last, read on to learn more about our range of Avengers themed kids summer wear for sale below.


Avengers Water Board Shorts

Head out from Avengers compound and splashdown in the summer sea. Check out these awesome Avengers swim shorts for sale! These cool blue shorts feature an all-over print featuring kids favourite Avengers. This print includes Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Hawkeye and the Hulk! On the inside of these shorts is a comfortable mesh lining. This lining helps to keep the shorts secure alongside the drawcord. These shorts are available in sizes from 4-12 years.

Avengers Towelling Poncho

Avengers keep fighting till they've won the battle. So is your little one fighting your attempts to dry them off like an Avenger? Try this convenient towelling poncho! This hooded Avengers towel for sale features an all-over print. This print includes iconic Avengers characters such as Captain America and Iron man.

These characters feature alongside the iconic Avengers logo in the middle. A lovely blue colour complements the high-quality print on the hood. This one-size-fits-all poncho is a super solution that makes getting kids dry a breeze. Buy now!

Avengers Swim/Trainer Bag

Big days out need a heroic effort to plan when you have an Avengers-sized family. This Avengers swim bag for sale makes packing that much easier! These kids swim bag for sale is ideal for both holidays and school. Our Avengers bag features a drawstring enclosure and easy to wipe material. On the front of this bag is a perfect action print of the Avengers - featuring:


  • Ironman
  • Thor
  • Black Widow
  • Captain America
  • the Falcon
  • Hulk


This print compliments the front p[ocket detail, featuring iconic Avengers logos, perfectly. The drawstrings feature a snap-free safety feature to keep little ones safe. Perfect for their next world-saving mission. The back of this Avengers swim bag also features a mesh panel for ventilation. This mesh panel makes the bag ideal for crime-fighting on warm summer days. Buy this super Avengers-themed swim bag for sale today.


Spiderman Boys Sports Sandals

Everyone's favourite friendly neighbourhood Spiderman may be an off-and-on-again Avenger. However, your kid will never want to take these Spiderman-themed summer sports sandals off!

These kids Spiderman sandals for sale feature a web-like all-over print on Spidey red, even covering the inner sole. Velcro toe and hell caps stick securely just like Spiderman's webbing, provided the support your little one needs whilst web-swinging this summer! The Velcro straps also feature the Spiderman name in bold red letters.

The elasticated back ankle provides substantial cushioning to help reduce blisters and slips, just like the non-slip rubber outer soles. These features let parents turn off their Spider-sense and let the kids have fun!



We hope this fantastic guide has shown you some perfect Avengers themed summer wear for your kids. Please browse our range for branded kids clothing, perfect for various occasions, today. Our range of kids clothing for sale features beloved kids characters such as Paw Patrol, Thomas & Friends and more. Thank you for reading!

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