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5 Back To School Hacks every parent needs to know!

August 2019 | Neal Foster

1) Sort the sleep schedule

Getting the kids to get to bed earlier after the summer holidays is one of the hardest parts about them coming to an end. Therefore, one of our most favourite back to school hacks is progressively sending the kids to bed a little bit earlier as the first day back at school approaches. What we mean by 'progressively' is sending them to bed e.g. 15 minutes earlier than they have been doing at first, then 30 minutes earlier a couple days later and so on until they are going back to bed at their regular school-night time.

The numbers and time mentioned are just a guide and do not have to be followed exactly, try it out and see what works best for your little one!

2) Purchase a school clothes organiser

Choosing outfits for your little one can be a major factor in making them late for school and you late for work. But using a school clothes organiser for the little one's back to school clothes can take this stress away! Simply plan out the outfits on a lazy Sunday and then no time will be wasted on a morning choosing an outfit as they can just pick them up on a morning and get dressed without a second thought.

3) Use an erasable family calendar

This is one of our ultimate must-haves for going back to school. As September starts, not only are the kids back at school, but they're also back at their after school clubs. Whether it be swimming, dance, football or piano lessons, it's all a lot to keep on top of - especially when you've more than one little one, and even more so when you've got your own classes to keep track of too!

One of the greatest way to keep on top of it all is by creating a family calendar. We like to use a whiteboard, so that each week is erasable, no paper is wasted and it's easy to use. Simply create a weekly timetable and fill in the slots with the days taken up by after school clubs, play dates and classes!

4) Create a DIY after school routine clock

Once the kids are home from school, life goes back to being hectic. Even on the days when no classes are on, there's still homework, tea time, play time, bath time, bedtime and more. A good way to create a schedule that can be stuck to is by creating a DIY colour-coded clock. Simply colour in the hour(s) designated to a certain activity and use a colour code that you and the kids will stick to - making your life less stressful and no longer lose track of time on those busy nights.

5) Start your back to school shop clothes NOW

Back to school shopping is no fun for the kids (even though it's a slight relief for us parents!) so it's always a good idea to start sooner rather than later. This way, you've got plenty of time to send stuff back when things aren't quite right, and make sure you're fully prepared and organised come September.

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