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3 out of season items you need all year round

January 2020 | Neal Foster

At The Clothing Outlet, not only do we carry a wide range of both beloved and original designs for both boys and girls, but we also cater to the women of the house. To many women, keeping up with the seasonal fashions is important, but sometimes we forget the more practical (or even more indulgent) wear that will keep us right the whole year-round. To that end, let’s look at 3 out of season items you need all year round.


This fabulous flamingo dressing gown

Feeling like you want to do little but laze around while also being just a little bit extra? These luxurious fluffy fleece gowns are comfortable as they are cute. With a little pom-pom for the hood, beak peeking down over the hood, and embroidered flamingo face, it’s perfect for that silly, chill style we like to indulge in from time to time. 


Check out the photos of the gown but do beware that it’s much brighter than it shows up even in photos, so it’s only for those who don’t mind shining glamorously. We even have matching gowns for 6-8-year-olds and 14-16-year-olds if you have a kid that would gladly bird up with you.


This smart sports fitness top

Switching tracks just a little, the Scuba Active Women’s Sports Fitness Top on our site is great year-round wear for women who get active. Whether you’re following your exercise routine or you have a busy lifestyle and you need clothes to match, this sports t-shirt will see you through.


A mix of polyester and elastane, it’s a stretchy lightweight fabric that’s breathable, comfortable, and allows for maximum range of movement. As such, it’s great for running, gyming, doing yoga and just about any other kind of exercise. It’s totally machine washable, too, so you don’t need to worry about treating it too delicately. We even have this fitness top available for 10-year-olds and up.


These super comfy shorts pyjamas

Sometimes you want to kick back and relax, but you’re not in full flamingo gown mood just yet. For both sleepwear and chilling around the home, a fun, cute, light pyjama outfit might just be what you need. This vest and shorts combo is perfect for lounging around on a hot day, as well as for getting under the covers but not getting too hot on the colder nights and afternoons.


The vest jersey and shorts bottoms are both 100% cotton, meaning they’re comfortable, breathable, and super easy to wear. What’s more, the sky blue and baby pink design, with the “Chillax to the Max” design is super cute, and we have sizes for everyone from 8 to 18 and up.


Come find your everyday wear with The Clothing Outlet

Whether you’re chillaxing to the max, having a cosy night in, or getting active, the three items above are just an example of the excellent year-round options we have at The Clothing Outlet. Take a closer look at the women’s section and use our search functions to narrow our wide inventory down to precisely what you need.

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