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3 stocking fillers for Christmas

October 2019 | Amit Jivani

Look at The Clothing Outlet for kids stocking fillers that’ll make their festive season!

The mornings are dark, the nights are earlier, and there’s a bite in the air that you just cannot get away from - the festive season is approaching! Everyone loves Christmas, from the gifts to the glittery trees standing proudly to the unlimited boxes of chocolates in which we all indulge. The one bit that most people aren’t keen on gift shopping.

Let’s be honest - because, at Christmas, you tell the truth - no one enjoys shopping for gifts. It’s especially hard to find kids stocking fillers that don't revolve around plastic toys. We’re all trying to be a little more eco-friendly, and that’s where The Clothing Outlet comes in! With our suggestions below, you’ll have three excellent stocking filler ideas that will leave your kids happy and glowing this Christmas morning. Shall we take a look?


Children love to dress up, but even more than that, they love a good onesie! At The Clothing Outlet, we’ve got animal print crazy novelty onesies that will impress every child this year. Is your daughter continually pretending to be a fox? Our gorgeous fox onesie is new to our range, and it’s every child’s dream onesie. We’ve even got reindeer and polar bear onesies that are in keeping with the festive season. Super soft and 100% polyester, our amazing onesies come in a range of sizes and are perfect for snuggling into this Christmas.


Sure, Nana could probably knit one, but why wait for that when you can load their stocking with cotton neck warmer scarves? If you’re planning to head out of the house on Christmas Day, the kids will need something to warm them up, and these work as excellent kids stocking fillers. Coming in a range of patterns, these “snood” neck warmers can even be worn as headbands for the fashionista in the family. They may be marketed to up to eight years old, but they do stretch, so the older children in the family don't have to miss out!


It may not snow this year, but that doesn't mean the wind is warm! Gloves make for an excellent choice for kids stocking fillers because they can last a few months through the winter, and you can colour match to their coat if you want! Not only that, but they’re small enough to fit into the stocking while still making room for a onesie and scarf alongside it! Our gloves are knitted (sorry, Nana!), and one size fits up to six years old. You don’t have to panic about not having a spare set now that you’re giving them for Christmas stocking fillers!

Don't run out of ideas for kids stocking fillers this Christmas. Now you have three extra options that you didn't have previously, and sure, it’s no satsuma in the stocking toe, but your little loves can munch their Christmas orange while dressed as dragons and tigers - and that’s far more fun this year! Head online now with The Clothing Outlet - you won't be disappointed!

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