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3 Beach Styles for this Summer

July 2018 | Neal Foster

There is no feeling quite like putting on your bikini and strolling onto a warm beach! Whether you’re relaxing on the Mediterranean or venturing outside of Europe, swimwear will be essential! Here are 3 styles that will leave you looking as good as you feel whilst basking in that holiday sun!

Scuba Floral Halter Neck Bikini

The floral look is definitely in this summer! When we see this bikini, it makes us think of a sandy beach and of course a refreshing cocktail in hand. It’s not just a good look on the beach though, it’s the go to bikini for them chilled pool parties. The straps are adjustable too for comfort, so you can get that perfect fit.

Womens Scuba Floral Halter Neck Bikini

Kaftan Beach Cover Up

If you keep up to date with current fashion news, you’ll know that the Kaftan is one of the hottest properties in Beachwear at the moment! We’ve got 4 cool styles in at the moment and each one of them makes us think about grabbing a bite to eat in a beach bar. The lightweight fabric means you won’t be too warm either if you need to keep the sun off you for a while.


Scuba Halter Neck Loose Tankini

The Tankini is back and looking better than ever. If you’re not comfortable showing your tummy or just want a bit more coverage, a Tankini is a great choice. Our all black Tankini is classy yet stylish and pretty much every body type can rock it! We can imagine how good this would look strolling down the beach without a care in the world with the sand running in between your toes!

Womens Swimwear Scuba Halter Neck Loose Tankini

We have plenty of swimwear styles on our website, including mix and match bikini sets which mean you can keep it fresh everyday! Don’t forget to tag us in your Instagram photos too

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